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Biases in Perceptions of Information Security Threats

This is a piece I wrote for Infosecurity Magazine looking at how information security biases might impact behaviour and how fostering a human centred approach to cyber security might be a solution!

As of March 2020, everyone in the UK was asked to work from home where possible. This current shift in situation presents not only technological but also human factor challenges for information security. Organizations will have to tailor their awareness campaigns and training to target issues specific to working from home, confronting new security-based obstacles that their employees and clients might be facing. 

In order to maintain both personal and organizational security, individuals must perceive information security risks realistically. However, people’s judgments regarding information security risks are influenced by a wide range of cognitive biases. 

Cognitive biases are inherent characteristics of human nature and are present in everyday life. Biases refer to a predisposition to think a certain way, and affect our subsequent decisions, judgments and behaviors. 

Read the rest on InfoSecurity Magazine's website here:

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